PLAYGIRL: "Entertainment for Men" takes us through contrasting but overlapping experiences of womanhood. The exhibition invites us to reflect  – both as individuals and as a community – on the patriarchal social constructs underpinning  religion, love, labour, and culture. How have you navigated spaces where you’ve been instructed to tread lightly and speak in whispers? To always walk the fine line? How have they changed you? How have they shifted your perception of the world and your place in it? 

When you look back on these experiences, what resurfaces? Is it Rage? Shame? Grace? Fear? Pride? Perhaps all of the above… and more? How do you make sense of  these emotions when they swallow you – when you feel them everywhere all at once? 

How do we let them go…

PLAYGIRL: "Entertainment for Men"
Presented by SARA
Curated by Imani Dominique 
We invite you to join us in celebrating the opening of SARA’s inaugural exhibition: “PLAYGIRL: "Entertainment For Men.” We’ll be hosting an intimate gathering on April 26th at Remote Gallery from 7PM - 11PM that will be filled with music, spoken word, and community. We hope to see you there!
We invite you to join us on April 29th from 6-10 PM at Remote Gallery for a night of film and community solidarity. This film screening and discussion is presented in collaboration with Banded Purple and will create a space for Black women and the broader Black community to come together to share experiences, garner support and uplift each other. A space where we can empower our community at the intersections of art and film. All proceeds will be donated to Margaret’s House: The Toronto AFRICAN REFUGEE Crisis Fund.
We invite you to join us on May 4th from 6-9 PM at Remote Gallery for an artist talk and open discussion to dive deeper into the PLAYGIRL exhibition. In this artist talk and roundtable discussion, we’ll explore themes of womanhood, feminism, women's rights in relation to religion, and the coexistence of our experiences. Admission is free. We hope to see you there! 
SARA is a Toronto-based artist who primarily works in pencil in the style of hyperrealism. Her work is largely inspired by her lived experience and touches on themes surrounding identity politics, socioeconomic inequities and most recently, the climate crisis. SARA first began her career in the arts painting murals for local businesses in Ottawa and low-income neighborhoods in Toronto. She continues to take on projects that uplift communities and build resilience. 

Imani Dominique Busby is an ambitious and multifaceted curator, visual artist, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about arts equity and aims to explore the ways in which the industry can be sustainable for Black artists and creatives.She aims to use her curatorial and entrepreneurial skills to create engaging, interactive, and community-filled spaces that amplify emerging and mid-career artists. Through the creation of public art, exhibition pop-ups, and print publications, Imani aims to increase access to the arts for all communities. 

Notes For Access: PLAYGIRL: Entertainment for Men is located at Remote Gallery in Toronto,ON. The gallery is on street level. This exhibition is free. Proceeds from event ticket sales will be donated to an organization supporting Black women. The opening reception runs from 7-11 PM on April 26, 2024 with performances starting at 8:00 PM. Regular hours of operation are from 12- 6 PM EST from April 26th to May 4th. The show will be accessible both physically and digitally through a virtual space walkthrough, alt text, accessible seating, audio descriptions, and image descriptions. The virtual walkthrough will be available on after April 27th, 2024. 

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