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The art world has a deficiency in diversity. It is deficient in diversity of race, identity, ability, and gender. 
We need to see more of ourselves within the art lauded in galleries, institutions, magazines, and on social platforms.
 We need to see “brothers on the wall” when we walk into galleries and public spaces, outside of Black history month. 
We need to see more stories accepted by the art world that come from a variety of individuals as opposed to accepting the selected narrative per culture. 

My art aims to tell these stories. ​​​​​​​

Photography by: Vonny Lorde

Imani Busby is an ambitious and multifaceted curator, visual artist, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about arts equity and aims to explore the ways in which the industry can be sustainable for Black artists and creatives.

She aims to use her curatorial and entrepreneurial skills to create engaging, interactive, and community-filled spaces that amplify emerging and mid-career artists. Through the creation of public art, exhibition pop-ups, and print publications, Imani aims to increase access to the arts for all communities. Additionally, through workshops and accessible resources, she aims to provide artists with business, legal, and professional development opportunities.

Imani is presently conducting academic research into the ways in which Black artists can and have thrived within Canada’s creative economy, is interning at a law and media firm, and is developing her own curatorial production company. She most recently graduated as Valedictorian from her undergraduate degree studying Creative Industries at Toronto Metropolitan University. Previously, she was a curatorial and marketing intern with MASSIVart, and a gallery assistant/manager at Liss Gallery, a tenant at Black HXOUSE, a member of the Fashion Zone at TMU, an intern with CARFAC Ontario and Artists’ Legal Advice Services, an Undergraduate Research Assistant with the Studio for Media Activism and Critical Thought, and many other professional development opportunities. She is also the recipient of numerous awards and grants.

Imani’s curatorial portfolio includes exhibits such as “Brothers on the Wall" at Liss Gallery, “Just Between Us” with CARFAC Ontario and ALAS, “Media Pass” sponsored by Manifesto and Posterjack, “It Will All Make Sense Soon” at the Rec Room, “It Takes a Village” with RISE Edutainment, “The Gift Shop” a business incubator and exhibit for Black artists, and “BlackPOP! Sponsored by Crybaby Gallery and Stackt Market. She was also the editor in Chief of StyleCircle, through which she lead a team of over 60 students and coordinated the production of two print publications. 

Imani’s artwork has been commissioned by the Mississauga Arts Council, featured in local schools, and included in brand collaborations. 

With roots in creativity and entrepreneurship, Imani is passionate about the art and fashion industries, representation, and community building.

Imani's CV
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with Distinction | Valedictorian | School of Creative Industries, Specializing in Curatorial Practices and Fashion Business Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson) University, Toronto Canada
PLAYGIRL: "Entertainment For Men", Remote Gallery, Toronto, ON, SARA
Colouring The White Cube, Stackt Market, Collective Action Exhibition. 230 Community Letters, Osaze B. Isaac

"The Gift Shop 2.0", Stackt Market, Toronto, ON, Group Exhibition and Business Development Program:  Alicia Reid, Anthony Gebrehiwot, bitchfits, Camille Kiffin, Chawntay Barrett, Christiana Ceesay, Connor Tadao (Flee Normality), Destinee Cray, Delali Cofie, Ehiko Odeh, Ella’s Precision, Gerda Boateng, Imani Dominique, Hammed . A. Babatunde, Jershotyou, Jet Bailey, Joseph Catalano, Laneigh Ramirez, Leslie Zani, Kaya Joan, Kayla Pierre, Kianna Sumitani, M. Falconer, Omar Abul Ata, Percy Eriamiator, Taija Grey (Jesussister), TT, Tyler Tabobondung Rushnell, Saint Haarlem, SARA, She Killed Art, ShuGgz, Sumeya Farah, Sydney Mia Gittens, and Sylver. 

"BlackPOP!",  Crybaby Gallery, Stackt Market, Toronto, ON, Group Exhibition:  Adetona Omokanye, Chawntay Barrett, cozcon, Ehiko Odeh, Imani Dominique, M.Falconer, Moraa Stump, Shane "CARAKTR "Stephens, Sydney Mia Gittens, and TT.

"It Takes A Village",  Toronto, ON, Solo Exhibition: Anthony Gebrehiwot

"The Gift Shop", Square One Shopping Centre, Mississauga ON, Group Exhibition and Business Development Program: Laneigh Ramirez, Ella's Precision, Percy Eriamator, and Shaza Tariq Elnour

"It Will All Make Sense Soon", Sponsored by the Rec Room, Toronto ON, Solo Exhibition: Of The Saint.
"Media Pass", Sponsored by Manifesto and Posterjack, Toronto, ON, Group Exhibition: Alicia Reid, Anushay Sheikh, Connor Tadao (Flee Normality), Evie Maynes, Jet Bailey, Taija Grey (Jesusssister), Jershotyou, Kianna Sumitani, and woes.jpg .

"Brothers On The Wall", Liss Gallery, Yorkville, ON Group Exhibition: Alicia Reid, Billy Dee Williams, Gerda Boateng, Hammed Abimbola Babatunde, Tyler Rushnell, Johnathan Ball, and Malik
MLSE - Permanent Art Collection​​​​​​​
6 Murals - 3 Classrooms, Mississauga Arts Council x Peel CAS, Mississauga, ON
Curated by Jacqueline Mac
Black History Artist Collaboration, WUXLY Movement, Toronto, ON
Black History Is Canadian History Series, Toronto’s Manifesto, Toronto, ON
 Monuments: Hossein Maher Press Release Sahar K. Boluki Gallery, Toronto, ON
Valedictorian - School of Creative Industries
NSERC- Undergraduate Student Research Awards
TMU Society of The Creative School Project Funding
Social Innovation and Activism Fund TMU
Toronto Metropolitan University Student Initiatives Fund and Black Initiatives Fund
Toronto Metropolitan University Student Initiatives Fund and Black Initiatives Fund
Ryerson University Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) Grant
G. Raymond Chang - Sheldon Levy Partnership Award for Zone Learning
Buchanan Scholarship
Grassby Award for Cultural Impact
2019-2022 FCAD/ CS Dean’s List
Internship, Lucentium Law Firm, Lucentium Media Group
Editor In Chief and Editorial Manager, StyleCircle, Toronto, ON
Gallery Assistant and Temporary Manager, Liss Gallery, Toronto, ON
Content Coordinator Internship, CARFAC Ontario and Artists’ Legal Advice Services, Toronto ON
Communications Coordinator, Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism, Toronto, ON
Undergraduate Research Assistant, The Studio For Media Activism and Critical Thought at X (Ryerson) University, Toronto, ON
Curatorial and Marketing Internship, MASSIVart, Montreal, QC
Social Media Coordinator, Akeelah’s Room, Toronto,
Black Women and Art, Toronto ON
Just Between Us, Design TO, STACKT, and The Gift Shop, Toronto, ON
The Last Lecture, Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto, ON
Cultivating Creativity, J Clarke Secondary School, Ajax, ON

Creating an Accessible and Intergenerational Social Media Presence, CALM Conference, Calgary, AB


 Of Africa Focus Group, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON
 Intergenerational Allyship and Collaboration, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Renaissance and the Black Employees Network, Ottawa, ON
 Fashion Zone 8, Ryerson Fashion Zone, Toronto, ON

Anti-Racism Conversation, Experiences Canada, Ottawa, ON
Art and Activism, Agincourt Collegiate Institute, Toronto ON
Activism and Allyship, Kings Christian Collegiate, Oakville ON

 The Book 08: Give Them Their Flowers, StyleCircle
 The Book 07: Performance, StyleCircle
 The Little Book Of Black Joy, Imani Dominique, Mir Asoh, Adele Lukusa
BA Creative Industries
Social Venture Zone Paid To Innovate: Ideation and Incubation
Black HXOUSE Connect
Art Handling, Transportation, and Storage, NODE Centre for Curatorial Studies, Wrangelstr, Berlin.
Launching An Independent Art Space, NODE Centre for Curatorial Studies, Wrangelstr, Berlin.
Member, Ryerson Fashion Zone
Ryerson Innovation Student Experience, Ryerson University Fashion Zone, Toronto ON
CV Available on Request

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