“​​What Kind of Art World Do You Want to Create?
 Write a letter sharing art, artists, and themes that you'd like to see represented in the modern art world. These letters will be anonymously delivered to leading contemporary art institutions and galleries across Canada. Let's change the art world together.” 
- BlackPOP!

Curated by Imani Dominique and featuring a moving short film by Osaze B. Issac, “Colouring The White Cube” exhibits over 230 letters written by community members sharing their visions of a radical and inclusive art industry. The responses collected touch on themes of revolutionary art futures, inclusivity beyond statements, decolonization, radical change, and more.  Through this collective action exhibition, “Colouring The White Cube” aims to create a powerful space that centers community and amplifies shared visions for the future of the art industry.​​​​​​​

Running from February 1st to February 29th at STACKT Market, “Colouring The White Cube” will also host a thought provoking panel discussion on February 24th that will create space for local artists, curators, and gallerists to share critical visions for the future of the art industry. 

Access Notes:
This exhibition is free with the option to donate towards supporting future exhibitions. The opening exhibit runs from 5-10 PM on February 4th, 2023. Regular hours of operation are from 9-11 PM EST from February 1st to February 29th. The show will be accessible both physically and digitally through a virtual space walkthrough, alt text, accessible seating, audio descriptions, and image descriptions. The virtual walkthrough will be available on imanidominique.com after February 5th, 2023.  “Colouring The White Cube” is curated and produced by Imani Dominique Busby. This exhibition is presented in collaboration with BlackPOP! and STACKT Market. The featured short film was filmed, directed, and edited by Osaze B. Isaac. The exhibited letters were collected during the BlackPOP! exhibit in July of 2023.

Colouring The White Cube Short Film by Osaze B. Isaac



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