“Media Pass” is an in-person and virtual group exhibition that aims to capture Toronto’s favourite concerts and festivals.

Curated by Imani Dominique and presented in Manifesto’s office, this photography-based exhibit brings together nine Toronto-based concert photographers: Alicia Reid, Anushay Sheikh, Connor Tadao (Flee Normality), Evie Maynes, Jet Bailey, Taija Grey (Jesusssister), Jershotyou, Kianna Sumitani, and woes.jpg .

Through vivid photography and a community video installation edited by Grace Munene, “Media Pass” will explore concert photography as an archival and community-based method for preserving cultural history. By bringing together a variety of emerging and mid-career artists, “Media Pass” hopes to create a community-filled, electric space celebrating the intersections of music and visual art.

“Media Pass” is curated by Imani Dominique Busby with production support from Sarah Itamah, Nkwachukwu Nwalozie, and Malaika Lorde. “Media Pass” is sponsored by ManifestoPosterjack, and the TMU Student Initiatives Fund and Black Initiatives Fund.

Access Notes:
Media Pass is located at 130 Queens Quay East. Admission is free. Signage and event staff will provide directions upon arrival to the building. This exhibition will be accessible both physically and digitally through a virtual space walkthrough, accessible seating, image descriptions, and ASL interpretation upon request. If you require ASL interpretation, please contact imani@imanidominique.com.

The sales price for exhibited artwork will be determined by The Artist.

100% of the profit from the sale of exhibited artwork goes to The Artist.

The Artist agrees to have a minimum of two exhibition edition prints included in “The Gift Shop” to be sold by The Production Team for no more than $50.00 CAD.

50% of profits from prints sold through “The Gift Shop” will go to the respective artist.

40% of profits from prints sold through “The Gift Shop” will go to The Production Team to support future community-based programming.

10% of profits from prints sold through “The Gift Shop” will go to a charity supporting young artists.
Today we are donating to Unity Charity.


Videography by: Magdalena Grammenopoulos | @magdalenamediaa 

Thank you all <3

Poster and Graphic designed by Matt Worthington | Pretty Cool Strangers


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